About Us

We are a family of followers of Jesus from multiple generations, cultures, congregations and campuses. We are grounded in one unifying vision that reaches from our Jerusalem to the far reaches of the world.


Discover the Victorious Life through Christ, the church, and our identity as Christians.


Live the Victorious Life through teaching that helps you embrace and live the full life found through Jesus.


Share the Victorious Life as you're empowered to share the Victory found in Jesus with the rest of the world.


This is the beginning point for us. We believe that we need to intentionally find reasons and ways to come together, to unify. There are plenty of reasons to separate. We choose unity over separation. This is what we are calling the “family effect.” Our unity is found in being committed to Christ and to one another.


Some believe that it is important not to pull the heart strings because coming to Jesus is a decision. For others, it is an experience that must happen. And still for others, it is about what you do for Christ that defines your connection to him. We believe that it is all of this and that connection to Jesus and His mission is for and with the entire person; Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength.


We believe that the message of Jesus is good news and is therefore attractional in nature. The message of Jesus Christ, the salvation offered through him, the victory found in life in him and the eternal life found with him is the Gospel and it draws people in. We are a gospel centered church.


Spiritual depth and maturity is something we believe that every Christian is called to. In that sense, we are ever increasing our reach into the soil of the spirit of Jesus. We believe that the individual who grows deep will be strong in their foundation of faith.


Things change and learning is a process. Not everything we try is going to work. We will need to be able to change and learn if we want to grow. Flexibility is important to reaching generations of today and for coming generations in the future.


We believe that healthy individuals and healthy churches have a more effective ministry. It is for this reason that we desire to find health in our personal relationships with Jesus and others as well as our operations before we begin to expand.


We believe that there is no creativity without limitation. We see obstacles and limits as opportunities to get creative. We believe that creativity also means that we make use of the gifts and resources that God has given us to point the world to Him so that they might hear the good news in a way that makes sense to them.


Three things mark our relationships: Work Hard, Pray Hard, Play Hard. We prioritize family and community. We believe that connection happens best through three ways. The first is working together. There is nothing quite like going on a mission trip or studying in a discipleship class that brings people together. These shared experiences bind people together as brothers and sisters. The second is praying together, for one another, and for a common mission. When people begin to pray for each other, there is a spiritual connection that begins to take shape. It is amazing what happens when people take this seriously. Finally, there is playing together. From going to a baseball game or ski trip to playing softball and getting pedicures together, enjoying creation and the wonder of the family of God connects people together in a way that glorifies God. We are committed to these three aspects of building a great community and family.


We believe that the real strength of the message of Christ is found in its ability to transform people. The story that Jesus speaks of and shows us through his miracles is that he has the power to transform our broken situations and turn them into stories of hope, reconciliation, and healing.


We believe that building foundations is a key to having a healthy building. This is true of the Christian walk as well as the nature of the organization. We seek to build strong foundations in Christ centered realities that will give us the best chance to have the most effective ministry. This includes thinking about kids ministry and new believers ministries first. Foundations for these have to be set from the beginning.


By partnering with mission groups that are carrying out the work of Jesus already, both through finances and volunteering, we hope to reach our Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. Which is the surrounding area of our church, state, nation, and to the ends of the earth.


When Jesus was here on the Earth, he was the living embodiment of the Spirit of God. This idea is what we speak of when we talk about being incarnational. Jesus told us that the Holy Spirit would come and make his residence in our very heart. We are told that he would be our guide and that he would help us along our journey. We are told that we have access to his power and that we are to go and be the hands of feet of Jesus to our world. Being incarnational simply means we take Jesus to every person, every place we go, every time we go.

Beliefs & Theology

We believe in One God revealed to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We believe that...

… the Bible (the Old and New Testaments) is inspired by God and contains all truth necessary to faith and Christian living.

… man is born into a broken world and therefore has a sinful nature bent on selfishness.

… persistence in sin will separate people from God both now and in the life to come.

… through Jesus every person has the opportunity to find forgiveness in the here and now and ultimate restoration in the life to come.

… anyone can find victory through a transformation from their sinful nature into a new creation which finds its identity, hope and life in Christ Jesus.

… those who have found life and transformation in Christ will be marked by his Holy Spirit.s

We believe that Jesus will return and ultimately and finally set things right, restoring all of Creation to its original intended design and purpose.
For more information on our beliefs, go to www.nazarene.org
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