Connect With Community

We believe that we are called to be a community of people who are involved in daily living. As you read through the different opportunities, we ask that you:

Guidestone Church has missions projects in three different areas.

Local – we partner with schools and social justice facilities in the area to help meet the needs of our community.

Regional – we partner with the Native American Christian Academy in Arizona to provide education to underprivileged children in an extremely impoverished and challenged area.  You can link to that site here:

World – We look for ways to join the mission of Christ through the building of water wells, sponsoring of children, and starting churches.  We are currently looking for a partner mission field and we will be working directly with local people for this endeavor. Come back for more on this in the coming days.

Are you passionate about kids? We believe in laying foundations of faith for all generations. Our kids are the future of our church, and we believe in instilling a love for Jesus that will be with them for life. Our services provide age specific programs for kids ages 1-5th grade.

Check-in: Come to church early & visit the Kids Church check-in desk.
Volunteer: If you would like to help with teaching on Sundays, assist in logistics for the kids ministry, or help in curriculum development use the form below to sign up. Our volunteer commitments are per semester basis.

Guidestone Church Youth is a high energy service for students to disconnect from the world and just be teenagers!

6th-12th Grade

Is music your passion? Do you have a calling to bring others into the presence of God? Our worship team serves on a weekly basis by tapping into heavenly reality and bringing the presence of the Holy Spirit to our gathering place.

Volunteer: If you are a musician, singer, or would like to assist the worship team with set-up let us know.

Email: to see about openings in our worship team.

Invest in our community by being a part of this ministry. Each woman has a unique set of talents. Maybe your gifting is in hosting events, or planning parties. It is quite possible that you have a gift of empathizing with other and helping them during hard times. You may also have connections within our community in places where we can serve together.

If this sounds like you, then maybe you should be part of this ministry.

Men doing life together.
Join us in reading the word in small group settings together and challenging each other to be brave men seeking to be a light in this world.

We believe that Jesus is our guide for Christian living, and as such he calls us to a deeper understanding of who He is as we grow in relationships together.

This is where we help each other “live the victorious life” that is found in Jesus Christ.

Are you interested in opening your home and leading others to grow deeper towards Jesus? Sign up to become a small group leader.

We are called to serve our community and the world. We have partnered with many local missional groups, and partner with them financially, as well as volunteer.

Do you want to support these groups? Give to our Missions Fund

The World: We are currently partnering with these groups on a global scale:

Go on a Mission Trip
Support Financially: You can support these organizations directly or give to our missions fund. These funds can assist our members when fundraising

If you believe in the power of prayer and are passionate to pray over all the needs of the church, please let us know so you can be a part of the prayer chain.

If you are in need of prayer, don’t hesitate, we’d love to prayer for you. Send us a request!

Welcome! This team, is in charge of welcoming our family and new friends to our place of worship. It’s just like having a guest over to your house, and you run to get the door when the bell rings.

Come to church 30 minutes early, meet the team and pray before the service.

We have three different areas of worship and decorations for everyone to consider!

Do you enjoy singing about Jesus’ love for us and love to help others sing about Jesus as well? Maybe you should consider volunteering for our worship team. Jesus has equipped us with the ability to give glory right back to him through song. If you think you are interested, let us know!

Do you enjoy the aesthetic of stage designing? We need those that love using their keen eye for decorations to help us communicate our sermon series visually to the congregation. If you think thats you, please let us know!

Are you great at organizing? Do you love making spaces look the proper way?  Our set-up team comes in early & sets up chairs & more.

Are you passionate about organizing big events?  We need your help as we grow as a church & create new fellowship events.

GSC School of Music is entering its inaugural season in 2019 and will provide music education of the highest caliber to young people from the Southern California area.

What’s better than donuts and coffee? Being the person that gets to bless others by setting up the coffee and donuts and serving them to guests! If this is something you’re interested in, let us know!