DOCumentary – 1

This past week, I began the process of earning my Doctorate of Ministry and I have to say that it was a great start. My professors and the people in my cohort have been amazing. We spent this week together in Kansas City at Nazarene Theological Seminary in the classroom and in the classroom of […]

Building Update 2-19-2021

This week has been a wonderful week as we have watched our building get interior work throughout! There were toilets being installed as well as carpet and even some of our stained concrete was completed! Also, the drop ceiling has been installed throughout the entire facility and the fire sprinklers have specific tiles that have […]

Consistency Is Key

Whether we are talking about our spiritual lives and going to church or our physical lives and our diets and exercise or even our finances and savings, consistency is key.

Let It Hurt

Recently I was asked what the most important thing I’ve learned in ministry is. It didn’t take me long to think through it. In fact it was the first thing that came to my mind.